Manner Garten

This proposed installation presents pieces of common park furniture fabricated entirely from materials taken from an existing men’s sex club. First, the picnic table and other items would be temporarily installed in local parks frequented by men seeking anonymous intimacy with other men. Then (for practicality of viewing) these items will be displayed indoors beside large photos showing the furniture as it appeared in the park. Additional images show the materials used to build the furniture – and how those materials had previously functioned as partitions, glory holes, and benches in the sex club.

The choice of furniture in this show, a picnic table, seesaw, and pair of swings, – objects that unite people to share a physical and/or social experience, also function as they did in the club, in that they force participants to remain separated while sharing an experience – an experience dependent on the contribution of another. Guests are invited to use the furniture in both the park and gallery settings.

Among other issues, the work acknowledges that sex is not always the entire goal of men cruising hiking trails, or the sex clubs, but that sex is often the justification - or accepted expression - for making a deeper social connection by sharing an experience with another.

gallery installation view mockup